BLMS® Workshop 2018

In a Nutshell

Who? Since you're a customer of BLMS®, this workshop is for you. Join other BLMS® and Barlap customers for training, networking, workshopping, questioning, and answering.

When? Monday, August 20th, 2018. The training you will get face-to-face is incomparable. Your entire department will benefit from the knowledge you will bring back.

Where? We're going to conduct the workshop on the top floor of the Hyatt House Jersey City, across the Hudson River from Manhattan with a great view of the skyline.

Workshop Agenda
  • 8:30am -- Breakfast
    Rumor has it that there are pastries mixed in with the breakfast buffet.
  • 9:00am -- Pop Quiz & Introductions
    Time for some quick face-to-face introductions. Let's meet David Polatseck, President of Business Licenses, Avi Katz, VP of Technology, Andrea Jaffe, VP of Operations, Sarah Benjamin, Director of BLMS® Support, Doug Stang, President of Barlap, and Eric Feigenbaum, Director of Business Development.
  • 10:00am -- The Software Can Do That?
    Sarah Benjamin will take the podium and discuss underutilized features of BLMS® with an emphasis on new features that the development team has recently rolled out.
  • 11:00am -- Coffee Break
    We'll see you back in 15 minutes.
  • 11:15am -- Customer Spotlight
    Sue Caputo, Tax Director at KPMG, one of the newest BLMS® power-users, will lead this presentation with Andrea Jaffe. They will discuss some of the unique challenges of compliance when you're one of the Big 4 and you work on Mergers & Acquisitions.
  • 12:15pm -- Lunch
    Enjoy the buffet. It's on us.
  • 1:15pm -- Guided Workshop
    In this dynamic activity, Avi Katz will guide all the attendees as you work collaboratively to crack various licensing challenges via live use cases. If you use best-practices and tested methodologies, you will be able to research, identify, and license your entire portfolio before the buzzer.
  • 3:00pm -- Pastry Break
    Stretch your legs. Enjoy the chocolate babka too.
  • 3:15pm -- Guided Review
    Let's see how you did during the guided workshop. Avi Katz and Meir Lowy will go over in detail what worked and didn’t work. There will be insight to be gained from both accomplishments and failures, as all in attendance will take away a better understanding of the licensing process.
  • 4:30pm -- Breakout Sessions
    If you have outstanding questions about BLMS®, Sarah Benjamin will run an attendee-driven Q&A session to tie up all your loose ends. Meanwhile, Andrea Jaffe will take a higher-level approach to business license compliance and Eric Feigenbaum will offer to discuss pain points, solutions, and workarounds specific to your company.
  • 5:45pm -- Cheers to Another Successful Workshop!
    Anybody want a drink?
Early Bird
$695per attendee
  • Sign up before June 1st, 2018
  • 10% off for 2 attendees
  • 20% off for 3 attendees
$895per attendee
  • Sign up after June 1st, 2018
  • 10% off for 2 attendees
  • 20% off for 3 attendees

Prices include every group session in the agenda plus breakfast and lunch. Prices do NOT include hotel and/or transportation costs.

Interested in Attending?

    or call 1 (845) 356-8390 x116