Webinar Will Examine Licensing Issues for Ridesharing Companies and Other Disruptive Businesses

There is no industry in America that is safe from disruption. Professionals who care about proper compliance with government rules and regulations should be aware of how their department may be turned on its head by sudden innovations that originate elsewhere. In an upcoming webinar, Business Licenses LLC will discuss disruptions and how they impact regulatory compliance for all of us. We will discuss some of the world’s most talked about business models and draw lessons that every tax and legal department will want to internalize.

In particular, our panel will discuss (1) Uber, Lyft, and the never-ending regulatory challenges of ridesharing companies, (2) the rise of home health care as an essential medical service, and (3) how technology upgrades have turned ordinary retailers into second-hand dealers.

The webinar will be conducted on Thursday, February 26th at 2pm EST. The presentation will run for 45 minutes, followed by questions. If you are interested, register here.