Vegas DMV cracks down on unlicensed auto shops

Investigators from the DMV in Las Vegas paid some surprise visits to car dealers, auto body and repair shops that were doing business unlicensed, handing out 40 citations and shutting some shops down.

Compliance officers said this helps to eliminate businesses that are taking advantage of customers. "They'll take your money, do shoddy work, then pack up and leave," said DMV spokesperson, Kevin Malone…DMV compliance investigator…said in some cases, businesses fail to renew their license while others never attempt to obtain a license at all.

Random crackdowns and investigations happen. In this case, the fines went up to $1,500 which is not out of line with what we’ve seen in other areas. Some of the businesses were no doubt illegal, but it’s interesting to wonder how many were legitimate businesses that simply didn’t know what licenses and/or permits they needed and got caught up in the sweep. There’s no reason to operate so close to illegal territory.