Unpaid Business License Fees Crackdown in Grayson, KY

This Kentucky town is no longer going to let businesses slide without paying their license fees. It was decided at their most recent City Council meeting that, with the help of the police, businesses with unpaid license fees will be forced to make payments.

The council discussed six businesses that have not paid license fees…police must hand-deliver letters detailing the fees to the delinquent businesses.

The business then has 10 days to pay. If not, on the 10th day the business will be ordered closed and if it remains open will be fined $500 each day.

It’s unfortunate that some business in Grayson let it get this far that they need to be threatened with penalties and by police to pay their dues to the city. Business Licenses, LLC can ensure your business has all the licenses it needs, and file for the licenses on your behalf so the process is done in a good and timely manner.