Uber Partakes in Recent Trend of Tech Companies Protecting Privacy of Users from the Government

Uber joins the fight in protecting privacy as it refuses to give its drivers' personal info over to the city of San Francisco in order to contact them regarding business licenses.

Uber is going to court seeking to block San Francisco from forcing it to provide the names and addresses of its drivers.

The city wants the information so it can notify drivers that they are required to get business licenses, just like all other small enterprises in the city, from nail salons to freelance writers. But Uber, which previously has provided the information for city audits, says it wants to protect its drivers’ privacy.

Certainly an important debate whether or not Uber is required to give this information over to the city. Uber drivers still need a business license to operate legally in San Francisco and other cities. Busines Licenses, LLC can help with exactly that. Specific services special for Uber drivers.