Uber drivers now need a business license to operate in San Francisco

An ongoing regulation battle between cities and ride-sharing companies has resulted in San Francisco now requiring drivers for Uber and Lyft to obtain a $91 business license annually, in order operate there.

The requirement highlights the legal complexity of Uber’s and Lyft’s business models, which rely on independent contractors, rather than employees, to shuttle passengers. Those contractors must comply with local laws which may differ in many of the hundreds of cities around the world where they operate.

The City by the Bay is the next up in a recent trend of cities and states passing legislation ordering ride-sharing company drivers to have a business license in order to operate legally. Fortunate for these drivers, Business Licenses, LLC is always on top of the latest trends.

Uber drivers struggling to figure out how to obtain their business license can use our services to get all the forms they need to apply or they can choose our full-service option and then the only thing the driver needs to do is receive the license. Business Licenses, LLC has Uber drivers’ backs.