The fast, the furious, and the licensed

There’s finally a set price that ride-sharing app drivers will need to pay for a business license when operating in Dewey Beach, DE. A recent vote by officials will require drivers with Uber, Lyft, and the like, to purchase and own a business license.

Transportation network companies are the same as any taxi service, and they should be treated as such, said Commissioner Dale Cooke… “It’s awesome technology, but that fact should not preclude them conforming to rules for basic safety and community unity.”

As these ride-sharing companies grow larger, popular, and more profitable, officials will continue to make laws to treat these ride-sharing app companies as legitimate businesses. The rapid expansion of these regulations across America is what compelled Business Licenses, LLC to expand its service offering to specifically cover Uber driving.

An Uber driver can request a basic compliance package for $49 which includes a licensing expert examining their unique license requirements. With this package, we send all of the requirements, applications, and instructions for the customer to obtain their licenses. They can then complete the forms, submit them to their authorities, and obtain their licenses directly from them.

Alternatively, they can opt for the full licensing service for just $125 and our staff will determine their unique requirements, prepare all the paperwork on their behalf, and then submit their applications and verify with their authorities that they are being processed correctly. We're on the job and our work isn't done until the authorities process their license applications.

Our services will enable these companies to keep driving forward.