Tallahassee bids farewell to business license tax

Leaders of the Florida capital granted the request of the Chamber of Commerce to repeal the city’s business license tax, benefiting local business owners and becoming the first city in The Sunshine State to do so. Part of the intention is to enable local business growth and show appreciation for those running them.

"Our city commission, our commissioners, our mayor, also look at it as a privilege to have business here. And if there is something that we can do on the public sector side to contribute to that, and show you that we understand, your being here is creating jobs, growing your business, employing our residents, it's a significant contributor to the stability and growth of Tallahassee."

This is certainly pleasant news for small business owners in Tallahassee who get put that money back in their pockets. Owning a business license, though, is still a requirement. LicenseSuite can help determine what licenses are needed for business any industry out there. Filing assistance services are available as well.