Business License Research Software

What is LDT?

There's no reason to navigate the bureaucracies of multiple licensing authorities when you can accurately determine which licenses you need with this powerful research tool. LDT combines the power of the largest licensing database in North America with intuitive search tools to deliver the most efficient license determination software anywhere. Fortune 500 corporations use this tool to search for their licenses, saving enormous time and manpower.

Uncover Your Hidden Licenses

It's as easy as 1-2-3. When forms and documents found through The License Determination Tool are directly loaded into The Business License Management System to be filed, tracked, and renewed, that saves real time and money. Here’s how it works:

1. Specify your physical locations. The License Determination Tool’s database allows you to search for business licenses and related documents across every jurisdiction level (federal, state, county, and municipal) in North America.

2. Identify your business activities. You can select multiple activities common in every industry, from highly regulated products such as food, pharmaceuticals, and healthcare to retail, apparel, and wholesale.

3. Select the forms. The License Determination Tool allows you to preview licenses and their related documents. Then — with the click of a button! — you can add the documents to your existing license portfolio.

Eliminate Risk

LDT eliminates risk by ensuring that you never overlook a license or a secondary requirement. However, you may not want to use LDT alone. Many customers choose to have their LDT subscription bundled with BLMS, to easily file, track, and renew their freshly uncovered licenses.