Business License Filing Services

Our team of experienced licensing professionals can procure the business licenses and permits your company needs in every jurisdiction in which you operate.

We Get the Licenses While You Monitor the Progress

Business operations that have a footprint in many states, each with their own idiosyncratic rules and local ordinances, need to comply with licenses, permits, and tax registrations in a wide variety of jurisdictions. That creates a nightmare for tax and legal departments that is typically overlooked when corporations seek to expand their footprint by building new physical stores, offering new services, and opening new product lines.

One way or another, you need confidence that your new locations are allowed to open on-time and that your new lines of business are fully compliant with state laws and local ordinances. Our staff of initial filing experts will give you that confidence with our comprehensive workflow. We analyze the compliance needs of your proposed locations, gather pertinent information from the licensing authorities, prepare application forms, cut checks for license fees, submit applications to appropriate departments, and procure the license certificates.

If you want to keep careful tabs on our progress, we make that easy too. Our clients have 24/7 access to our secure web-based licensing portal, enabling you to see the status of any given filing and review each and every application document at your convenience.

Stop Dealing Directly with Authorities

You don't have to interact with hundreds of unpredictable licensing authorities in unfamiliar municipalities when you can work with just one vendor instead. Our consulting, research, filing, and renewal teams have already built relationships with authorities from coast to coast and that enables us to efficiently obtain business licenses from them on your behalf. Whether you are launching new acquisitions, locations, products, or services, it's strongly recommended that you maintain access to a talent pool that can execute this essential compliance work without a hitch.

The Beginning of a Beautiful Friendship

Some of our corporate clients, planning perhaps for a sudden expansion or an upcoming M&A, contract with us to obtain business licenses quickly while they put their focus into other areas of tax and compliance law. But other clients don't stop there. Knowing that business license and permit compliance isn't a one-off activity, they opt to transition their initial filings into ongoing renewal filings. Needless to say, our renewal teams are happy to oblige.

We can monitor every business license that your business needs on an ongoing basis. Our domestic staff, in key strategic locations around the country, will always keep you compliant whether you're expanding, contracting, or staying the course. All the while, you can maintain a bird’s eye view of the process through our web portal. You no longer have to worry about constantly changing requirements, renewal deadlines, and costly penalties. Taking advantage of this service ensures that you are fully compliant and that your licenses are readily available in a secure electronic repository.

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