Business License Management System (BLMS)®

What is BLMS?®

Engineered by business license professionals who understand the intricate nature of tax, legal, accounting, and compliance departments, BLMS® increases a department’s productivity by enabling users to centralize an entire business license portfolio in one secure database, automate the tedious process of acquiring new licenses, simplify the complex workflow for renewing existing licenses, and research governmental license data on the federal, state, and local levels.

Why do I need it?

Like it or not, you need to manage your business license portfolio. It may not be captivating work, but the only alternative is to anticipate the inevitable fines, penalties, and other punitive measures that state and local governments will levy against your business. These are the risks you must tolerate in the absence of a centralized system for guaranteeing your compliance with governmental rules and regulations. You need software that combines a business license calendar, workflow management, a secure license repository, and comprehensive governmental data.

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Your Licensing Superstation

Maintain your business licenses, permits, location data, entity details, and other pertinent information in a secure database.

Workflow Automation

Optimize your business license renewals to meet the demands of your existing locations, future locations, and new lines of business.

Dynamic Calendars

Incorporate automated alerts into your calendar to ensure that critical renewal dates never get lost in paperwork.

Reports & Forecasts

Apprise colleagues on the status of your business license compliance and forecast future costs for everybody's benefit.

Jurisdiction Outreach

Proactively get renewal notices from authorities to ensure that your workflow is never hindered by missing documents.

Research Tools

Stop wasting time with municipalities by grabbing forms, statutes, and instructions from a single national business license database.

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