Business License Management Services

Rather than build up an internal staff to handle your license filings and renewals, you can relinquish the work to us while your team focuses on what matters most — growing your business.

Are You Focused on Your Core Activities?

Full management solutions from Business Licenses, LLC are a game-changer for many tax and regulatory departments since they often prefer to keep their internal resources tightly concentrated. Engaging an end-to-end partner who specializes in efficiently processing business licenses can free up internal staff to focus on activities that will drive up your company’s profitability.

Our staff will help you accurately identify, acquire, and maintain business licenses, permits, and tax registrations for your business, products, and service offerings. Aided by our proprietary technology, this partnership will enhance your tax, legal, finance, and/or accounting operations by alleviating your immense business license management burden.

Flexibility is Key

It doesn't have to be all or nothing. Our staff will collaborate with you to determine the optimal amount of business license activity to offload, thus creating a comfortable co-sourcing arrangement. We take special pride in the flexibility of our licensing professionals. We will create a working relationship that grants you the proper balance between hands-on control and a hands-off partnership.

No other provider can give you the flexibility you’ll enjoy when your internal team and your co-sourced partner are working on the same cloud-based licensing workflow platform. This gives you the ability to ebb and flow with your rapidly changing workload, secure in the knowledge that our ready-to-go team of experienced licensing specialists will ramp up quickly whenever the need arises.

How We Do It

When we engage you as a client for our managed services, our work can boiled down to a series of workflow steps that are sure to keep your business license portfolio is excellent condition.

We analyze the business license information that you already maintain to identify missing fields and erroneous data that may disrupt future work

We research and compile extensive information for each of your locations and prepare your business license and permit applications

Our staff proactively contacts the local authorities in every jurisdiction in which you operate to obtain the most current renewal paperwork

We review the instructions related to each business license and complete the necessary application forms according to industry best practices

We internally generate checks to pay governmental license fees and submit them to the authorities well ahead of the upcoming deadlines

If issues do emerge, we engage your authorities directly to make sure that the problems are resolved to your satisfaction

When your business licenses and permits are approved, we distribute them to each of your locations where they can be displayed properly

We grant you access to our business license portal which you can access anywhere in the world to track the work we do. Now you have the ability to confirm the status of your business licenses 24/7 and review the compliance calendar we maintain on your behalf.

Industries We Serve

We work with our corporate clients across a wide spectrum of industries to assist them with everything from lightly-regulated apparel stores to highly-regulated health care locations. We are currently managing and automating business licenses workflows for customers in the automotive, banking, contracting, convenience store, disaster relief, food service, gaming, health care, hotel, manufacturing, retail, second-hand dealing, supermarket, telecom, transportation, and urgent care industries. Give us a call now to see how your company fits into this big picture.

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