Full Management Services

Our business license management services include researching license requirements, procuring licenses for new locations, and renewing existing licenses ahead of deadlines. Our professional licensing staff performs these tasks for numerous Fortune 500 companies.

Are you focused on your core activities?

Full management solutions are a game-changer for many tax and regulatory departments, since they often prefer to keep their internal resources tightly concentrated. Engaging an end-to-end partner who specializes in efficiently processing business licenses can free up internal staff to focus on activities that will drive up a company’s profitability.

Business License Management Features
  • We oversee your new licenses, existing renewals, and license-related research
  • Your license deadlines are maintained by an online user-accessible calendar
  • You have 24/7 access to our online licensing portal
  • We file with every licensing authority in America and Canada
  • You can easily access an audit trail of every activity associated with your licenses
  • You now have a central repository that archives electronic copies of your licenses and related paperwork
What percentage of your portfolio should we manage?
What We Do
  • We compile information for each of your locations and prepare your applications
  • Our staff proactively contacts your local authorities to get renewal paperwork
  • We complete all the required paperwork on your behalf
  • We produce checks to pay governmental license fees well ahead of deadlines
  • We receive and respond to license-related mail from your licensing authorities
  • We distribute your new licenses to each of your locations
  • We grant you access to our licensing portal which you can access anywhere in the world to track our work
  • You can confirm the status of your business licenses 24/7 and review the license calendar we maintain on your behalf

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