Business License Consulting Services

Business Licenses, LLC maintains an industry-leading staff of licensing professionals, including experienced attorneys and paralegals, who focus exclusively on business license, permit, and tax registration laws and regulations.

Solve Your Company's Licensing Puzzle

Improper licensing can lead to delayed openings, jurisdiction audits, penalties, and location closures. It happens frequently to corporations that lack a firm grasp of contemporary business license rules. Given the complexity and ever-changing nature of the field, it's a common practice for busy tax and legal departments to ensure proper compliance coverage through quality business license research.

Since 2004, we have conducted thousands of research projects for Fortune 500 companies to ensure that they are moving forward with their operations in full compliance with the law. We research virtually any business license issue, regardless of complexity.

Business License Intelligence

There are tens of thousands of territories, counties, parishes, municipalities, and special purpose districts in America. If your business depends on having a national presence, then you need up-to-date intelligence on their rules, regulations, filing instructions, renewal dates, and ordinances. We have that unique intelligence contained in a powerful knowledgebase and maintained by the United States' largest staff exclusively dedicated to business license research and compliance. Moreover, we have tools that enable you to access that intelligence and incorporate it into your company's business license processes.

Let's Talk About a Gap Analysis

Is your business in compliance with the myriad rules and regulations that state governments, local governments, and special jurisdictions have been implementing over the last few years? Like most companies, you probably aren't 100% sure. To make matters worse, even if you were once sure about your compliance status, you may not be anymore. Licensing obligations are almost always in a state of flux.

Most large companies don’t have direct insight into changing codes and requirements, but we do! We have America's largest research team that specializes in business license compliance. They stay abreast of the latest licensing requirements across the country. Armed with the only comprehensive repository of business license information in existence, we can analyze your license, permit, and tax registration portfolio to find gaps between what you have and what you require for each of your locations.

We then take the resulting comparison and compile it into an analysis report that outlines the critical gaps, focusing your attention on those that are most crucial. If you prefer, our licensing experts can then pursue the licenses for you. Otherwise, we can simply advise your staff on how to go about acquiring the missing licenses.

Find Answers on Your Own

Are you not even sure what questions to ask? That often happens when companies have more trouble managing their business licenses than they know what to do with. If that sounds like you, then perhaps you want to browse through our free resources — webinars, white papers, and FAQs — and find the information that best suits your needs.

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