Business License Consulting Services

Business Licenses, LLC maintains an industry leading staff of licensing professionals, including experienced attorneys and paralegals who focus exclusively on business license, permit, and tax registration laws and regulations. Fortune 500 companies rely on us for help with business license questions, determining the optimal location for their new stores, voluntary disclosure assistance, and penalty remediation.

Custom Research

Improper licensing can lead to delayed openings, jurisdiction audits, penalties, and location closures. The only way to ensure proper licensing coverage for your business is through quality business license research. Learn More >

Gap Analysis

Over time, your licensing obligations can shift significantly. Our licensing experts can pursue the proper licenses for you or simply advise your staff on how to acquire the missing licenses themselves. Learn More >

Find Answers on Your Own

Are you not even sure what questions to ask? That often happens when companies have more trouble managing their business licenses than they know what to do with. If that sounds like you, then perhaps you want to browse through our free resources — webinars, white papers, and FAQs — and find the information that best suits your needs.

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