Small Business Compliance Packages

Wherever you've decided to locate your business, it's a good bet that your local municipality can be strict about enforcing business licenses compliance.

What Is a Business License Compliance Package?

Failure to acquire your business licenses in a timely manner would mean that your business is out of compliance. This may result in fines, penalties, and even forced closure. But you can't get your business licenses until you first identify which ones you need. That's not always as easy as it looks. You have to first understand the compliance requirements of your new licensing authorities.

Our compliance packages take the guess-work out of your business license research. We look up the business licenses you need and send you all the applications, forms, and instructions necessary to get your locations, products, and services properly licensed on time.

Why Do I Need a BLCP®?

A Business License Compliance Package (BLCP®) is an all-in-one licensing kit that identifies your business license compliance requirements. It starts when we provide you with an intuitive questionnaire that helps us identify the basic information that will affect your licensing requirements — your business activities, products, locations, number of employees, etc. You can be confident that your licensing efforts are on target.

What Kind of Licenses Does a BLCP® Support?

There are no business licenses outside the purview of a Business License Compliance Package (BLCP®). It can reveal hidden governmental requirements in any industry including, but not limited to, health care, transportation, retail, food, alcohol/liquor, restaurant, tobacco, and agriculture.

We Make a Lot of These

By the time this day is done, we will have prepared and distributed dozens of these Business License Compliance Packages. That's a lot of research for a lot of satisfied customers.

Inside a BLCP...
  • A detailed business license, permit and tax registration overview
  • Licensing authority contact information
  • Detailed fee information and filing instructions
  • Actual license, permit, and tax registration applications
  • Instructions and fee schedules
  • An overview of required supplementary documentation

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