San Juan Island Town Issues Warning to Tardy Businesses

Town of Friday Harbor, WA warns small businesses who have yet to renew business licenses to take action and avoid penalty.

Town is currently inactivating all accounts that were not renewed for the 2017/2018 license year. This week, the Town Code Enforcement Officer will be issuing citations to those businesses who are known to be conducting business without a license.

Unlicensed businesses are urged to avoid this unpleasant action by renewing their license or contacting the Town to make arrangements.

It seems like a nice gesture for the city to warn businesses before its crackdown. Not all towns get so lucky. Hopefully small businesses in Friday Harbor take advantage of that. You should take advantage of services that can tell you all your requirements to start your business like LicenseSuite and services to file for the license on your behalf and get all the work done for you.