San Francisco Treasurer Forgives Penalties and Extends Registration Deadline for Uber & Lyft Drivers

First, ride-sharing app drivers were informed they are required to pay business license fees in order to operate legally in San Francisco. Then they were told they’d need to pay late fees for all the time they were operating without proper registration as a business. Now the word is out from the city Treasurer that late fees will be forgiven, and that Uber/Lyft drivers will be given more time to get properly licensed.

Drivers for transportation network companies like Lyft and Uber who were told, depending on whom you ask, somewhat abruptly in April that they would need to obtain business licenses, are being granted two forms of reprieve. First, they'll have more time to pay up and register with the city, and second, they'll be granted forgiveness from previously enforced fines for past non-registration. Business licenses come at a cost of $91 per year, and the penalty for working without a license is $155 per year.

This is certainly a lot of change and adjustment over a short period of time for Uber drivers and others like. All this back and forth, law changes, late fees, and forgiveness can cause plenty of stress headaches. Good thing there is a service that can help Uber drivers figure out which licenses they need, and can even file all the forms and obtain the license on their behalf.