San Francisco Doesn’t Make Driving for Uber Easy

A week after legislation was passed requiring Uber and Lyft drivers to obtain business licenses in order to operate legally in San Francisco, drivers are discovering that there’s more than just an annual fee due.

[As] reported last week, the licenses "cost $91 each, annually”…It might be time to up that figure, however, as drivers who are heading out to get their licenses are now being told that they're also on the hook for an additional $155 in fees and penalties for every year they worked without the license, CBS 5 reports.

While we are not in any place to comment on whether this rule is fair or not, LicenseSuite services can help make this frustrating process much easier. We have uniquely designed packages for Uber drivers to either get them all the paperwork they need to file, or to have a specialist handle all filing and paperwork on their behalf. These services are uber helpful.