Running a Fireworks Business in New Hampshire? Pay Up. Big Time.

In court filing, Seabrook, NH justifies $7,000 fireworks license fee.

According to Marshall’s suit on behalf of her clients, the New Hampshire Supreme Court has repeatedly ruled that to be valid license fees “must bear a relation to and approximate the expense of issuing the licenses and in inspecting and regulating the business licenses.”

But, according to the rebuttal filed by town attorney Justin Pasay, of Donahue, Tucker and Ciandella, given the “unique and inherent danger” that fireworks provide, and Seabrook’s tragic history with fireworks establishments, the fee is justified.”

Is it even worth keeping your business running with that exorbitant license fee? That's what the fireworks businesses now need to decide. And right before the week they live for.

For your business license requirements and filing in Seabrook, start here.