Rodent-raising requires registration and renewals? Says Colorado Court: Yes

The case, John T. Salazar, Commissioner of Agriculture vs. Lynn Kubic dba Willards Rodent Factory, had its start when Kubic did not renew the license for her business. Said business raises rats and mice and sells them to owners of snakes and other animals that consider rodents a part of a healthy diet. Kubic felt she did not need a license because her rats and mice were not "pet animals" covered by PACFA.

A business owner was sued for violating the law when she did not renew the license for her business of raising rats and mice in order to sell them to owners of rodent-eating animals.

She believed a business license was not necessary since her critters are not really “pet animals” which the law states that a license is required to operate the facilities that raise them. The Commissioner of Agriculture begged to differ.

If she had looked for her business licenses with LicenseSuite, she would have seen the option to select the 'Animal Breeding' activity and would have saved herself a lot of hassle with court fees and penalties.