Value Added Partners

If you are a regional or national accounting firm, registered agent specialist, business incorporator, or tax specialty firm, your key personnel are fighting to keep your clients compliant. Firms with broader offerings threaten your client relationships, and you are looking for ways to service any advisory or compliance need that arises. Broaden your firm’s offerings overnight through a Value Added Partner relationship with Business Licenses, LLC.  We’ll transparently provide the expertise and work product so you can repackage our services for your clients, giving you more opportunities to interact and a greater reach inside their walls.  Make yourself a one-stop-shop for your clients by tending to any licensing need that comes up, while giving the appearance of having the licensing knowledge on staff. Business License Solutions will handle your clients’ needs and you’ll get credit for keeping them on track.

Help Your Clients Solve Key Licensing Issues
  • Relicensing and changeover filing for clients who are involved in business acquisitions.
  • Due diligence to ensure that the acquired firm is business license compliant before the acquisition is closed.
  • Remediation strategy and services for clients who have been contacted by a licensing authority about a problem.
  • Research and advice for clients not sure about their statutory licensing requirements.
  • License gap analysis to prevent potential penalties, interest, or even facility closures.
  • New location license acquisition for clients who don’t know which licenses are required or need quick license turnaround.
  • License renewal services for clients who can’t keep up with their renewal calendar.
  • Software and resource recommendations to optimize clients’ renewal workflow.
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Talk to Business Licenses, LLC today about becoming a Value Added Partner. Gain a larger share of your clients’ tax and accounting budget. Keep competitive firms from gaining a foothold through servicing a need you previously couldn’t handle. Show your client that you are there to fulfill any need and truly are a value added partner with them.

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