One lonely liquor license

After mistakenly believing that more than one eating establishment in the same complex can own a liquor license, The Doughnut Hole is now pleading with the Nebraska Liquor Control Commission to grant second one to another Public Market store.

The Doughnut Hole's owner has asked the Nebraska Liquor Control Commission for the right to expand its offerings to help offset high rent for the space…But there's a problem: Public Market tenant Breezy Island Ice already has a liquor license, and under state regulations, only one business may license an indoor area.

Every state has its liquor license laws. Some have laws restricting the number of liquor licenses allowed to be issued per city/town/county based on population. New Jersey, for example, does this.

And Nebraska’s law is not to allow more than one store in an indoor complex to own a liquor license. Ownership checked to see if there were liquor licenses available and saw that there were, but didn't realize that an obscure state regulation demanded that only one business per physical location can have a liquor license. The research experts at Business Licenses, LLC would have told them exactly that and would have saved them a lot of headache.