Nonprofits in Beaufort get their taste of business license fees

Beaufort, SC City Council approved new rules that demand nonprofit organizations that compete with local businesses in their operations to register with the city and pay business license fees just like regular businesses.

“It’s protection for businesses to make sure they’re not getting subsidized competition, I think is the way to put it,” Mayor Billy Keyserling said Tuesday…The registration doesn’t mean all nonprofits will be charged a business license fee…The registration will allow the city to hold nonprofit organizations to the same operating standards as regular businesses, he said.


Whether running a small business or a nonprofit in Beaufort, the business license and tax permit requirements still need to be determined through research and acquired through filing. It’s based on things like exact location, type of operations, and size of the organization. And no matter what type of entity you manage, it will still be the same, burdensome process.