No Liquor License, No Problem in California

Beauty salons in California can now serve beer and wine - free of charge - to customers sans liquor license, according to a new law.

A popular high-end salon chain, Drybar, was the driving force behind the bill..."That was something women were talking about - why they loved Drybar - they loved getting their hair done, they love the confidence they had when they went out the door, but they also love having a glass of wine while sitting here,"...The new law does not mean bottomless booze for your beauty treatments. It mandates that salons can only serve 6 ounces of wine or 12 ounces of beer per customer. The drinks also have to be free and have to be served before 10 p.m.

While salons in California caught a lucky break, most establishments that sell any type of alcohol need a liquor license, as it's a heavily regulated field. Business Licenses, LLC can help file for your liquor license.