New Tobacco License Rules Light Up this Oregon County

Multnomah County adopted new rules for tobacco licenses this week. Stores that sell tobacco will have to apply for a license starting July 1.

Whether a shop is a “mom and pop affair,” or a quarter of a million square foot Walmart, the new tobacco license costs $580. The money pays for Multnomah County inspectors to visit stores and make sure they’re not selling to minors. Shops are meant to check the IDs of any customer appearing to be younger than 27.

This county is taking measures to guarantee it has the funds to support inspectors checking on stores that sell tobacco and make sure they’re not selling to minors. This seems like a very worthy endeavor. The only thing that could make this situation better is if the store owners could get help with filing for these tobacco licenses. Business Licenses, LLC offers filing assistance by experts. They can file for the license on your behalf.