Mississippi businesses under scrutiny

In the city of Clarksdale, MS, business owners are running frantic trying to get their businesses licensed or renewed before they get caught by officials during a recent crackdown.

Fire chief Obert Douglas gave an update on business license enforcement.
“The last two weeks I’ve had firemen going around checking business permits, it’s kind of astounding what he found. Twelve people came in and renewed their licenses…and there were  10 new businesses that came in and got their business permits,” Douglas said.

Nobody on our staff is astounded. A key reason Clarksdale business owners have yet to file for a license or get their existing ones renewed is due to the fact that it’s a hassle and time-consuming.
What they don’t know is that there are tools available to make business license compliance easier. Had they known business license partners can file on their behalf or manage the renewal calendar for them, and tapped into these resources early on, they wouldn’t be facing potential penalties from the city crackdown.