Mayor’s business license negligence costs her

Who has time to worry about the small details of managing a clothing store, especially when simultaneously running a mayoral campaign? Apparently it slipped off the radar of the mayor of Washington state's capital. Olympia's mayor failed to renew the business license of one of her downtown clothing shops for over a year, and she paid a penalty for it.

 Selby, who was elected mayor in November, addressed the issue from the dais during Tuesday’s council meeting. “Last year, I got notice to renew my Tumwater location [business license], which I did, and somehow did not receive notification or it slipped through the cracks somewhere during the busy campaign year and I did not renew my downtown Olympia license for one year,” Selby said Tuesday.

The press loves a juicy story like this, but here at Business Licenses, LLC, we sympathize. Licensing only looks easy and this type of noncompliance is therefore all too common. The reason large retail corporations seek our services is that they find it hard to prioritize the timely renewal of their business licenses when time-consuming tasks occupy their attention – tasks like, oh, to take a random example, running for mayor of one of the largest metropolitan cities in the Pacific Northwest.