Liquor licenses make a comeback in Georgetown after 27 years

There’s a new felt excitement (among some people) in our nation’s capital as the Alcoholic Beverage Control Board lifts a 27-year-old ban on liquor licenses in the Georgetown district.

Proponents hope that Georgetown will get additional consideration for new restaurants, bringing more business to the area.

The moratorium was implemented in 1989 in response to noise and vandalism complaints from Georgetown residents regarding patrons of establishments that were permitted to sell alcohol…“Input received from Georgetown community and business groups supported lifting the cap on restaurant licenses because the issues of noise, trash and vandalism — which were the original catalysts for the moratorium — had improved.”

While this is certainly exciting for the D.C. neighborhood, it doesn’t mean obtaining the liquor licenses and dealing with the issuing authority is going to be a breeze.

Our end-to-end licensing services can keep these times joyous as we handle all the steps to actually get properly licensed. We determine exactly what a restaurant and/or bar needs to operate legally, get them the forms they need for the application, and even file all the paperwork on their behalf. All the restaurant owner needs to do is receive the license and, of course, find some customers.