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First, tell us where your business is located. We will pinpoint all the licensing authorities governing that location. Second, tell us your business activities and products. We will match them to the governmental licensing requirements. Third, let us search for your licenses. In less than a minute LicenseSuite searches our national database of governmental license and permit data. Finally, you are all set! You will have an overview of the licenses and permits you need, contact information for the licensing authorities, detailed instructions on how much money to send, and the actual license and permit applications.

“The overall simplicity of ensuring you have the correct permits, licensing and documents provides a great sense of relief when taking such a big step in your life.”
Dale Freitag, Carssegan Beck Acquisitions, LLC
“I am too busy running my business to deal with all of the forms and procedures to acquire a license. This services gets it done and I know it is done correctly.”
Edward Vaccaro, Action Strategy Consulting, LLC

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