License Changes on the Way for Craft Beverage Makers in NY

If you're a brewer, cider producer or winery, you're about to see change to legislation that could help you grow your business without previous prohibitive licenses standing in your way. As a result of the "the 2014 Craft New York Act, which Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo recently signed into law...small, locally owned manufacturers of beer, wine, spirits and cider [will be able] to grow their business."

"The new law revises statutes affecting these license holders: brewers, farm brewers, cider producers, Class A-1, B-1 and farm distilleries, wineries and farm wineries. Minimum production thresholds were implemented across each of these categories, and the maximum production thresholds will increase. This will allow license holders to grow their business without the need to apply for a different type of license, a requirement that could have been cost-prohibitive."