Legislation Introduced To Simplify Business License Process Could Hurt Cities’ Revenues in SC

New bill looks to ease business license process in South Carolina, costing unhappy cities millions in revenue.

Greenville could see a loss of $5.7 million as a result of the measure. "This bill is like aiming a torpedo directly at the city of Greenville," said Mayor Knox White, adding that the proposal "has the potential to totally disrupt everything we are doing."

...he wants to make the process of obtaining municipal business licenses less complicated and more fair. Under the current system, he said, some businesses have to obtain licenses from dozens of cities that have different rules. He also the cost of these licenses is based on an economic factors that are "grossly unfair" to businesses.

"We are not out to harm the municipalities at all," said Sandifer, whose committee passed his bill last week.

Although SC city municipalities are not so thrilled, this seems to be good news for small businesses in South Carolina as it would make the usually complex task of obtaining the appropriate business licenses more simple.

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