The Urgent Care Industry

The Challenge for the Urgent Care Industry

The urgent care industry has a problem. They have expanded so fast and with such disruptive potential that licensing authorities have frequently struggled just to keep pace. If your department works overtime to obtain business licenses, schedule building inspections, and acquire all the specialized permits that your facilities need (did you remember that many municipalities have a separate biohazard waste removal permit?), then you probably can relate. You're better off with structure that keeps all the requirements in a tight workflow and your urgent care facilities in compliance.

What Can Business Licenses, LLC Do for the Urgent Care Industry?

If You Opt for BLMS... — If you prefer to keep the work in-house, then you will soon discover the difference that our software will make to your departments' workflow. The business license requirements for your facilities can be quickly uncovered, the applications for your permits can be easily submitted, the extra workflow steps common to your industry can be freely programmed, and the documents and/or certificates that must be displayed at each site can be distributed and then conveniently stored for posterity.

If You Opt for Our Managed Services... — If you'd rather partner with our filing and renewal teams to take the burden off your busy department, then you'll enjoy the peace of mind that comes with employing a dedicated business license team that has extensive experience with this unique business vertical.

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