The Supermarket Industry

The Challenge for the Supermarket Industry

A supermarket is not merely a retail store. It is also a liquor store which has its own unique compliance challenges. But it is also a bakery. And it is also a nursery. And it is a pharmacy. And it is a warehouse. And so on.

Whereas a typical retail store may require one or two business licenses to legally operate in a municipality and a restaurant may require four or five, a supermarket can require up to 20 licenses and permits. It's a tall order for overworked tax departments, especially since many of the products that they sell — such as alcohol, lottery, tobacco, and WIC — are among the most scrutinized products in distribution. Given all the interaction that's necessary with licensing authorities, alcohol boards, agriculture departments*, health inspectors, and SNAP boards, it's no wonder that so many supermarket chains opt for dedicated software and outside assistance or some combination of the two. The job is that complex.

(* You are planning to sell eggs, aren't you?)

What Can Business Licenses, LLC Do for Supermarkets?

We Manage Risk — Due to changing compliance regulations, internal staffing changes, acquisitions, and organic expansion, your company is exposed to risk in the form of fines, penalties, and potential closures. While each new licensing activity carries with it a discernible amount of risk, partnership with a “soup-to-nuts” research and licensing company can help you make great strides in limiting risk by having the right licenses from the start. You will appreciate the reassurance that no license requirements are slipping through the cracks and creating a transparent financial risk for your company.

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