The Second-Hand Dealing Industry

The Challenge for Second-Hand Dealers

People have been known to serve jail time when they fail to properly license their pawn shops and conform to all the rules and regulations that govern their second-hand dealerships. The fact is that anytime a business collects goods from the public, they are potentially accessories to a crime if those goods turn out to be stolen. Second-hand dealers must therefore register their businesses with the local authorities and navigate through the thick rule books to be certain that they haven't run afoul of any arcane ordinance that may put their business (and their livelihoods) in jeopardy.

What Can Business Licenses, LLC Do for Second-Hand Dealers?

We Will Let You Know if You Are a Second-Hand Dealer — It's not as easy as you think. Many business models that accept goods from the public don't typically self-identify as pawn shops. (Think about cell phone recycling, for instance.) Our research and legal consultants will analyze your business model and review all the ordinances wherever you do business to determine whether or not your business must register for second-hand dealing.

We Offer a Flexible Workflow — If you license software to bring your businesses up to compliance, then you'd better be certain that the workflow tools are flexible enough to handle your unique use case. Fingerprint submissions and law enforcement inspections aren't typically part of a business license workflow in most industries, but they are very common in the draconian universe of second-hand dealing. BLMS empowers you to modify your workflow, keep it structured, and keep your entire department on the same page.

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