The Retail Industry

The Challenge for Retailers

The retail industry is awash in generic business licenses that everybody knows they need and countless other business licenses that tax professionals never consider until they are punished for noncompliance. It’s all made more onerous by the churning nature of the retail sector itself. Retailers open new stores and close old ones at a fast pace and they’re always hunting for new expansion opportunities. Business licenses therefore are part and parcel of the daily grind of overall compliance wherever and whenever merchandise is sold.

The good news is that many of the biggest Business Licenses LLC’s customers are big box retailers with footprints that span from coast to coast. Their continuous input over the past decade has shaped how our software operates, turning it into a valuable compliance tool for the industry.

What Can We Do for Retailers?

We Will Get You up to Speed — “What permits do we need to obtain for our store in Lexington, KY?" "How soon should we start the process of renewing our existing alcohol licenses in Boise, ID?" "Do we need a fire department license with both the city and county in Dearborn, MI or just one?" "What steps do we go through to schedule an inspection in each of our metro areas?” It’s not necessary for you to be a business license professional with decades worth of governmental compliance experience when you have the right resources. You can rely on our staff to research, file, and renew your business licenses or utilize our software to bring business license knowledge to your fingertips and keep you forever informed.

We Will Make You More Productive — If you are logging into your secure BLMS account, you are armed with the ability to categorize and renew multiple business licenses at once. That reduces (or eliminates altogether) most of the repetitive tasks of business license management. If you are allowing the Business Licenses, LLC staff to handle the work on your behalf, then you are getting rid of all the drudge work of business license compliance. That frees up time for other essential work and may even reduce your headcount too.

We Will Make Data Convenient — With BLMS, you can make tracking down business license data as easy as finding an item on Amazon, with all the related licenses and permits displayed side-by-side. All of your business license data related to retail stores (from weights & measures to awning permits) is organized, centralized, validated, and fully relational. On the other hand, if Business Licenses, LLC’s staff is doing all the work for you, then all your data is easy to access by simply logging into your secure portal.

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