The Hotel Industry

The Challenge for the Hotel Industry

What is a hotel? It may seem like a simple question, but from the business license perspective, the answer is surprisingly complicated. The problem is that a hotel is not merely a hotel. It may also be a restaurant. It may also be a bar. It may also be an exercise room. It may also be a swimming pool. It may also be a spa. It may also be a collection of vending machines. It is of course always a business. All of which is to say that hotels, especially high-end boutiques and four or five star chains, frequently require more governmental license to legally operate than any other industry (even supermarkets).

It's hard to overstate the risk associated with allowing even one license or permit to slip because your research process is incomplete or your renewal workflow is insufficiently detailed. Keeping on top of everything is quite a challenge and busy tax departments should therefore always be cognizant of what might happen if, for instance, their pool is forced to close. It may mean a significant impact on the location's revenue when they suddenly have to issue refunds to frustrated group events or answer tough questions from corporate headquarters. They're going to wish that they had partnered with business license experts who know how to prevent mishaps from ever happening in the first place.

What Can Business Licenses, LLC Do for Hotels?

We Alleviate Staffing & Training Issues — Staffing and training issues persist across all major organizations and your company is likely no exception. There is significant ongoing cost inherent in identifying, training, and retaining qualified license-processing personnel. Just as each license carries a varying amount of risk, it also carries varying degrees of preparation difficulty. Having the right people in place at all times to deal with the licensing needs during expansion periods is a never-ending challenge. That's why outsourcing this responsibility is an appropriate strategy to ensure full compliance for a vast business license portfolio.

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