The Health Care Industry

The Challenge for the Health Care Industry

Health care has been going through tremendous flux for decades -- due to laws, technology, and public health matters -- and that won’t change anytime soon. The governmental licenses that providers need to procure will also remain in flux well into the future. This is why many health care companies, more often than in other industries, opt to employ dedicated licensing departments whose primary mission is to maintain compliance with licensing authorities. Business Licenses, LLC has worked in partnership with many of these departments and it has informed the philosophy and methodology that we use to build our software solutions and craft our custom services.

What Can Business Licenses, LLC Do for Health Care Providers?

We Unwind the Complex Rules — Everything is more complicated when health care is involved. Our research, filing, and renewal teams take the guesswork out of getting health care locations set up and prevent them from falling out of compliance. Customers who prefer to do the work themselves quickly discover that the BLMS research and workflow tools enables them to quantify all the rules with very little first-hand knowledge.

We Enable You to Oversee the Work of Individual Licensees — Only a pharmacist can renew their own pharmacy license. Only a registered nurse can renew their own nursing license. Only a doctor can renew their own medical license. But if they allow their credentials to lapse, your company may be liable. No matter which of our solutions you prefer, you are empowered to supervise and verify the licensing status of your entire workforce.

We Reduce Friction with Licensing Authorities — One of the surest ways to minimize problems with health care licensing authorities is to reduce contact with health care licensing authorities. One of the core benefits of partnering with Business Licenses, LLC is that a lot of the work of governmental licenses -- research, initial filings, renewal form requests -- is done without the need to interact directly with the authorities.

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