The Gaming Industry

The Challenge for the Gaming Industry

Gaming licenses are typically issued at the state level. In fact, most states employ special agencies to control boards to monitor the smooth operation of the gaming industry. This is a very highly regulated area of the economy due to concerns about social responsibility, industrial integrity, and money laundering. Like other highly regulated industries, that also means that there is a lot of variability in each state's rules and regulations.

What Can Business Licenses, LLC Do for the Gaming Industry?

We Will Obtain Licenses on Your Behalf — We have extensive experience with in-depth investigations, timely fees, and bonding requirements which are all quite common in this environment. Our clients frequently rely on our staff to research and obtain all the licenses and permits that their locations require.

We Prioritize Alcohol Licenses — Alcoholic beverages are a big component of most casinos. Each state has a special board or commission that governs the sale of liquor. In order to control sales of alcoholic beverages, many authorities limit the number of licenses that can be issued by using a quota system. They also require compliance with numerous regulations related to the business as well as the employees. A dedicated team of liquor license professionals is often crucial in this industry. That's what Business Licenses, LLC provides to many of its customers.

We Have Software Solutions Too — Business Licenses, LLC has many clients that manage both their gaming licenses and their liquor licenses on our proprietary software. It's an excellent solution when you have the right workforce, but you lack the right workflow.

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