The Food Service Industry

The Challenge for Restaurants

It’s one of the most heavily regulated industries in America and for obvious reasons. Beyond the basic business licenses that most establishments need, many municipalities require additional permits such as food handler certifications to ensure that a restaurant's staff has been properly trained in food safety. These industry specific certifications may apply to any number of chefs, cooks, bartenders, and waiters who work at restaurants, coffee shops, cafes, delis, and street vendors.

But the challenges for tax professionals in the restaurant industry run even deeper than public health and the strict oversight of licensing authorities. Timing is of the essence when you’re scheduling the grand opening of a new food service establishment and even the slightest mistake can create critical delays that ruin your best laid plans.

Business Licenses, LLC’s dedicated licensing consultants have experience with every type of food establishment (from upscale "fine dining" to "fast food" chains) and are ready to get to work in partnership with your business license department. Meanwhile, our flagship software product is designed with workflow tools that minimize both the noncompliance incidents that jeopardize store openings (such as misscheduled initial inspections) and the incidents that wreak havoc on existing locations (such as lost renewal notices).

What Can Business Licenses, LLC Do for Food Service Industry Professionals?

We Eliminate the Need to Know Everything — Especially with a nationwide footprint, it won’t be necessary to know every deadline for every food license in every location in which you operate. Our consultants bring their research and management capabilities to the table while BLMS tracks your calendar for you so that it’s always up-to-date with the shifting deadlines of municipalities across the country. (That's not all. BLMS doesn't merely help with generic research; it actually delivers application forms and authority instructions directly to your desktop.)

We Keep the Beer on Tap — It’s granted that not every restaurant chain serves alcohol, but those that do will love our software’s ability to track their existing liquor licenses and stay up-to-date on the latest alcohol licensing news everywhere that they do business. Those that opt to allow our staff to maintain their liquor licenses will discover the ease of allowing us to proactively research the complex rules of remote municipalities and gather the complex details while they focus their attention elsewhere.

We Keep You Flexible — Even if you’re planning to go it alone for the foreseeable future, it’s still essential that your business license portfolio be ready to accept assistance when the need arises. People get sick, departmental duties shift, and situations change. If your restaurant related business licenses are managed in BLMS, it will be a snap to get the Business Licenses, LLC team to pick up the slack at a moment’s notice.

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