The Disaster Relief Industry

The Challenge for the Disaster Relief Industry

Disasters such as wildfires, earthquakes, floods, and hurricanes were a fact of life in the last century and in this century and they will be a fact of life well into future centuries as well. There is a growing awareness among local municipalities that the disaster relief industry will continue to grow and that much of it will be a "for profit" industry. That means licensing authorities will have a significant role creating regulations, taxing the work performed within its municipal borders (regardless of whether or not the company's headquarters are physically located there), and enforcing business license compliance for every player in the industry.

What Can Business Licenses, LLC Do for the Disaster Relief Industry?

We Will Keep You Compliant — If you are in this industry, then your footprint is probably enormous. Even without physical warehouses in a municipality, you will need to maintain your compliance there even if you send trucks over to repair a broken pipeline or fix a damaged rooftop. The geocoding and workflow capabilities in BLMS are an ideal way to manage the sprawling nature of your compliance challenges.

We Will Make Sure You Aren't Over Licensed — This is a perennial challenge for industries that move into a municipality to perform work and then leave when the job is finished. If you don't have a strategy for closing out the licenses that you no longer need, your company will be paying unnecessary fees for a long time to come.

We Will Verify Your Workforce — Your technicians, maintenance crews, and even your drivers all need to be properly licensed with personal contractor credentials. Our software is the solution for many busy tax departments that choose to proactively check on the credentials of their workforce, remind them when their expiration dates are fast approaching, and keep the department aware of their progress. It's the best solution to ensure that you never accidentally send a technician with an expired license to perform a heavily-regulated job.

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