The Convenience Store Industry

The Challenge for the Convenience Store Industry

When you consider the wide assortment of products that convenience stores typically sell, it's no wonder that the industry is perhaps the most regulated sector of the American economy. A typical roadside store sells dry foods, perishable foods, lottery tickets, cigarettes, alcohol, and fuel. The potential for public health calamities alone keeps this industry at the forefront of every licensing authority's agenda. That means the rules are strict and the consequences of non-compliance are severe.

What Can Business Licenses, LLC Do for the Convenience Store Industry?

Our Software Fosters Teamwork — It's common in this industry to partition members of the business license team. For instance, many departments like to have one person handle alcohol licenses exclusively while another works only with fuel/gas licenses and yet another oversees food licenses. This delegation of responsibility can work, but it means that each team member can potentially develop tunnel vision, unaware of how one permit acquisition can influence another. The workflow and team communication features of BLMS ensure that everybody is working toward the same goal even while their unique workload remains under their responsibility.

We Know the Authorities — Given that so many convenience stores are located in remote areas of the country and far away from any easily-defined metropolis, getting to know the licensing authority that has jurisdiction over your stores can be taxing to say the least. Business Licenses, LLC has developed relationships with municipal authorities all across the country and that has enabled us to handle the business license workload of convenience store owners better than they could ever do themselves.

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