The Contracting Industry

The Challenge for the Contracting Industry

The details speak for themselves. As of 2020 in California, there are 52 endorsements for a contractor license. They include almost every specialty from building construction to putting up signs to welding to painting. Meanwhile, the state of Alabama requires general contractors working on commercial projects to obtain licenses if overall project costs exceed $50,000, but they have an entirely different standard for residential projects. Neither Colorado nor Kentucky license general contractors on the state level at all while Louisiana and Florida have entirely different sets of requirements. The point is that enterprises which employ large numbers of contractors must remain compliant with a wide variety of state-specific rules which are subject to change at any time. If your business depends upon the timely completion of construction, engineering, and/or contractor jobs, it is therefore paramount that you bring all your business license compliance operations under one roof. It’s the only way to stay current with the law.

What Can Business Licenses, LLC Do for the Contracting Industry?

We Give You a Window into the Workings of State Governments — How much does a project need to cost before it triggers a need for a special license in Louisiana? In Florida? In Montana? All the research you need on the arcane subjects related to construction and engineering are accessible when you have the right research team supplying you information.

And Local Governments Too! — Some of the work of getting compliant in the contracting industry is actually done at the local level. States like Pennsylvania leave it to municipalities to issue numerous business licenses within their borders, meaning that contractors need potentially hundreds of licenses within the state.

You Can Do a Little While BLMS Does the Rest — With minimal supervision, BLMS handles much of the work of creating calendars, tracking deadlines, and interacting with licensing authorities, especially at the state level where so many contractor licenses are managed.

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