The Automotive Industry

The Challenge for the Automotive Industry

All over North America, automotive repair and maintenance is a highly-regulated business. Industry professionals must become accustomed to maintaining a vast business license portfolio that contains expected licenses (such as oil disposal), but also less expected ones (such as environmental permits). Licensing authorities are known to crack down hard on automotive locations and they are quick to levy fines and administer even more severe punishments.

What Can Business Licenses, LLC Do for the Automotive Industry?

Our Software Makes a True Workflow Possible — Tax and legal professionals who use BLMS to manage their business license portfolio (including their vehicle licenses) are able to track down license and permit applications from the authorities and process both their initial filings and their renewals with ease thanks to a rigorously engineered workflow that is native to the system.

Our Renewal Department Can Maintain it All — Our internal renewal department already manages business license portfolios for some of the largest automotive companies in North America and they are always ready to bring dedicated expertise to new projects.

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