Illegal massage parlors, you’re not in Kansas anymore

In Wichita, massage therapists and their businesses may soon be required to own a business license in order to operate, as the city considers a new ordinance.

In 2014, Wichita Police conducted 14 investigations into massage parlors and arrested 11 people on human trafficking and other violations. In 2015, there were 24 investigations that resulted in 22 arrests…"Our goal is to not cause any issues or problems for legitimate businesses. It is just to give us tools to go against the human trafficking or the illegal businesses in the industry," said Mears.

While it’s a shame that human trafficking exists, it’s a good example of why business licenses exist. They are a bulwark against illegal activity. That being said, this ordinance will be an extra burden on massage therapists in Wichita. As always, we recommend specific business license tools to ensure that they are in full compliance with the law. From research to filing to management, our solutions do it all.