Food trucks in Ohio town get regulated

In a unanimous motion, North Olmsted City Council passes legislation requiring mobile food vendors to obtain multiple licenses in order to operate as they aim to better regulate the mobile food trend.

The intent of the law, as stated previously by Law Director Michael Gareau Jr….is not to be prohibitive in nature but to institute proactive measures to ensure regulatory consistency. Chapter 735, Food Trucks, of the city business regulation code has been created to ensure compliance with health and safety regulations.

It’s not as simple to sell food from a truck on the street as it used to be. There are health requirements. There are vehicle requirements. It’s also not simple to actually figure out what licenses are needed to start operating a food truck and then having to deal with local authorities who may not be willing or helpful.
Thank goodness for a website that figures out exactly what you need for you, and also for services that handle all the filing on your behalf. They make it easy for you to get your truck up, running, and serving.