e-Cigarette Licenses

We were asked recently -- and not for the first time -- about licenses for e-cigarettes so it's probably helpful to publicly state the following:

First, based on the number of requests we get for this industry, the e-cigarette business is one of the fastest growing industries in North America.

Second, most authorities in the United States have not yet figured out the proper way to regulate e-cigarettes or the sale of e-liquid. We find that some authorities are lumping e-cigarette vendors together with the sale of tobacco products. Therefore, it's necessary for vendors to obtain tobacco related licenses, even though it is not a tobacco product. Other authorities are working out ways to regulate them without requiring a tobacco license and are in the process or coming up with specific e-cigarette licenses.

The bottom line is that while most states do not yet require e-cigarette dealers to obtain a tobacco or cigarette dealer license, some do and others will be requiring it soon.

We would be remiss if we didn't mention that one easy way to find out which authorities require which licenses is to subscribe to our License Determination Tool. It saves you a lot of headache!
By Alan Ruttenberg