City of Augusta, GA masters vendor license process

It’s that time of year again – the Masters Golf Tournament. And along with an influx of golfers and fans into Augusta, comes vendors setting up shop and hoping to take advantage of the crowded city streets.

Properly licensed vendors receive a special lanyard to display at their tent, enabling inspectors to easily give the OK or crack down on unlicensed sellers.

For the tents, temporary licenses are necessary. And now, inspectors have an easier way to make sure everyone has them… Even if you're selling water bottles, chances are you need license to set up shop. If only for this one week a year.

Having a tent set up to sell goods even for a week requires a vendor to have some sort of license. If they get caught out of compliance, they will lose precious time for making sales in order to figure out what they need and obtain it. The wise vendors get it all taken care of beforehand. LicenseSuite can figure out exactly what a vendor needs and even do the filing on their behalf. Ensuring you’re all set to go legally is our idea of a hole-in-one.