Casper the friendly town…towards liquor licenses

Casper, WY City Council has decided to accept applications for a retail liquor license exclusively in the downtown area. The application and decision process comes with a number of restrictions.

It will be limited to the downtown area, it will be assigned to a location, and it will not be transferred from this location. The City Council will make the final determination on which application will move forward…Partial or incomplete applications will not be accepted…

This is exciting news for downtown life in Casper and small businesses there. While this article is quite detailed and helpful in describing the requirements in applying for the license, actually gathering all the necessary documents and filing them could prove to be a hassle. There are so many requirements for a liquor license that a small business owner may not even be aware of, and may only find out once it’s too late. That’s where filing services become an easy, stress-free option, where it’s all done on your behalf.