Business Licenses Q&A: State Level Responsibility

Audience Question: I’ve started seeing local jurisdictions push responsibility to state level departments to cover business and health licensure. Do you see this as something that will be more widespread going forward?

Amanda's Response: If this is a trend, it’s not very widespread. Perhaps contractor licensing may be an area where local licensing will move to the state level. Health licenses tend to be done at the county level (especially for restaurants) but in Florida it is done at the state level. In some areas of California, counties share a lot of responsibility for health licenses.

Joe's Response: We have seen examples of this in a few different fields. Interestingly, we have also seen the reverse, where a state has local and county inspectors do the inspections. I see it more as convenience for the different authorities than a real trend however.

(Author's Note: Business Licenses, LLC was pleased to host a webinar on April 30th, 2014 to discuss emerging trends in business license compliance. During the Q&A, the audience submitted many thought-provoking questions that our panelists didn’t have time to answer. We are going to periodically post those questions to this blog along with answers from the two panelists, Amanda Mattaliano and Joe Vitulli.)

By Alan Ruttenberg