Business Licenses Q&A: Medical Marijuana

Audience Question: How do you think the licensing of medical marijuana will be effectively enforced?

Amanda's Response: Great question and I’m happy to see that we have some representation at this webinar from licensing authorities! My thoughts are that medical marijuana licensing will mostly be enforced the traditional way of having inspectors visit the dispensaries. I imagine that local law enforcement agencies will be aware of local dispensaries and having licensing authorities and inspectors in communication with law enforcement will be crucial. With that said, regulated licensing enforcement is fairly spotty across the country so “effective” enforcement is a moving target for this sort of thing.

Joe's Response: This is a new field, but one that is growing (no pun intended). I think these types of establishments will end up being governed the same way that state Boards of Pharmacy handle other controlled substances (i.e. intensive initial applications including background checks and on-site inspections).

(Author's Note: Business Licenses, LLC was pleased to host a webinar on April 30th, 2014 to discuss emerging trends in business license compliance. During the Q&A, the audience submitted many thought-provoking questions that our panelists didn’t have time to answer. We are going to periodically post those questions to this blog along with answers from the two panelists, Amanda Mattaliano and Joe Vitulli.)

By Alan Ruttenberg